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    Shuangxing Xincai won the title of "National Advanced Private Enterprise in Employment and Social Security"

        In order to further play the positive role of private enterprises in promoting employment and improving people's livelihood, we will continue to optimize and create harmonious labor relations. Upon the decision of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the honorary title of "National Advanced Private Enterprise in Employment and Social Security" was awarded to the Double-Star New Materials. On February 21, the award ceremony was held at the sub-venue on the first floor of the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce to commend the outstanding contributions made by enterprises in employment and social security.

        It is reported that after strict review, the commendation conference selected outstanding enterprise representatives from all cities and departments at all levels across the country, and a total of five enterprises in Jiangsu Province were evaluated.

       While doing a good job in business, Shuangxing Xincai actively gives back to employees and society, and has outstanding performance in many aspects: strictly abide by labor laws and regulations in terms of labor employment, and ensure the basic rights and interests of employees; Establish a reasonable salary growth mechanism to share business results with employees; Care for the growth of employees, and adhere to the mission of "realizing the material and spiritual well-being of employees". In addition to providing basic security and welfare to employees, we should do a good job of helping employees in difficulties, and fully guarantee the health and safety of employees in terms of working environment and epidemic prevention; At the same time, we will help employees improve their quality and ability in all aspects, organize various training activities, adhere to the activity of "donating funds for employees' children to study" for many years, and provide assistance and assistance to employees with major diseases and major difficulties. We will improve the democratic management system and give full play to the positive role of employees in building a harmonious enterprise. Improve the career development channel of employees, listen to the voices of the front line through multiple channels, respect the labor achievements, and promote the co-frequency resonance between employee growth and enterprise development. Be the doer of employee care, become the promoter of employee development, and condense the magnificent and progressive force with excellent culture.

        Double-star Xincai always adheres to the corporate purpose of "creating value for customers, creating benefits for shareholders, creating future for employees, and creating prosperity for the society", sticks to the responsibility of employees' happiness, and bravely assumes the mission of social harmony. In the magnificent tide of the times, it bursts out the power of twin-star.

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